Since its launch in September 1999, Space Imaging's IKONOS earth imaging satellite has provided a reliable stream of image data that has become the standard for commercial high-resolution satellite data products. IKONOS produces 1-meter black-and-white (panchromatic) and 4-meter multispectral (red, blue, green, near infrared) imagery that can be combined in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide range of high-resolution imagery applications.

To date, IKONOS has collected nearly 200 million square kilometers of imagery that is readily available in our digital archive. Moving over the ground at approximately seven kilometers per second, IKONOS collects black/white and multispectral data at a rate of over 2,000 square kilometers per minute. IKONOS satellite imagery provides access to any location on the Earth’s surface. Through the nearly fifteen, 98-minute journeys it makes around the globe each day, IKONOS collects vital statistics about the Earth’s ever-changing features—from fluctuations in land and water resources to the build-out of new urban areas. Commercial and governmental organizations rely on Space Imaging’s high-resolution imagery to view, map, measure, monitor and manage global activities. Applications range from national security and disaster assessment to urban planning and agricultural monitoring. Drawing on the spectacular views from IKONOS, the possibilities are endless.

Various sample images are available below (©SpaceImaging).

Frankfurt, Germany

High resolution

Stromboli, Italy

High resolution

Moscow, Russia

High resolution

How to order
Please send us an email with a place name, geographic coordinates or a shape file and we will prepare a quote for you.

Ikonos data are purchased by the square kilometre which means that the user only pays for the exact area of interest. Prices for archive data start from 10$/km² or 20$/km² for programmed acquisitions. Contact GRAS for more information.

Ikonos Characteristics

Launch Date

September 24, 1999

Orbit Altitude

681 km

Orbit Inclination

98.1 degrees, sun-synchronous


7 km/second

Equator Crossing Time

10:30 a.m. (descending node)

Orbit Time

98 minutes

Revisit Time

1.5-3 days depending on latitude

Swath Width

11 km x 11 km at nadir

Metric Accuracy

12 meter horizontal (CE90%)


11 bits


Pan: 0.81 m (nadir) to 1.00 m (26° off-nadir)
MS: 3.2 m (nadir) to 4.00 m (26° off-nadir)

Image Bands

Pan:450 - 900 nm
Blue: 450 - 520 nm
Green:520 - 600 nm
Red:630 - 690 nm
Near IR: 760 - 900 nm