The QuickBird satellite collects both multi-spectral and panchromatic imagery concurrently, and 60cm Pan-sharpened composite products in natural or infrared colours are offered. Strips up to 10 scenes in length (165 km) can be collected in a single pass.

DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite provides the largest swath width, largest on-board storage, and highest resolution of any currently available commercial satellite. QuickBird is designed to efficiently and accurately image large areas with industry-leading geolocational accuracy. The QuickBird spacecraft is capable of acquiring over 75 million km² of imagery data annually (over three times the size of North America), allowing the archive to be populated and updated at unprecedented speed.

Various sample images are available below (©DigitalGlobe/Eurimage).

Copenhagen, Denmark

High resolution

Tehran, Iran

High resolution

Brooklyn, New York

High resolution

How to order
Please send us an email with a place name, geographic coordinates or a shape file and we will prepare a quote for you.

QuickBird data are purchased by the square kilometre which means that the user only pays for the exact area of interest. Prices for archive data start from 17$/km² or 23$/km² for programmed acquisitions. Contact GRAS to order data or for further information.

QuickBird Characteristics

Launch Date

October 18, 2001

Orbit Altitude

450 km

Orbit Inclination

97.2 degrees, sun-synchronous


7.1 km/second

Equator Crossing Time

10:30 a.m. (descending node)

Orbit Time

93.5 minutes

Revisit Time

1-3.5 days depending on latitude (30° off-nadir)

Swath Width

16.5 km x 16.5 km at nadir

Metric Accuracy

23 meter horizontal (CE90%)


11 bits


Pan: 0.61 m (nadir) to 0.72 m (25° off-nadir)
MS: 2.44 m (nadir) to 2.88 m (25° off-nadir)

Image Bands

Pan:450 - 900 nm
Blue: 450 - 520 nm
Green:520 - 600 nm
Red:630 - 690 nm
Near IR: 760 - 900 nm