The RapidEye satellite constellation was launched on August 29, 2008, from Baikonur in Kazakhstan. The constellation consists of five identical satellites, each weighting about 150kg. The constellation collects images with a ground resolution of roughly 5 meters in five separate spectral bands, covering the visual spectrum as well as the near infra-red.

The RapidEye satellites are polar orbiting at 630km with a equatorial crossing timge of approximately 11:00 am. This allows the constellation to map 4 million square km each day. Combined, they have a daily off-nadir revisit frequency, which is unparalled amongst high resolution earth observation systems. This daily revisit time allows for continueous monitoring through tasking, which can provide a strong basis for most projects.

The prices start at 0.95 €/km2 and an ever growing archive of data is available. Below the global coverage as per the end of 2011 can be seen. Since then, the number of available images has only increased.

Various sample images are available below

Formentera, Spain

High resolution

San Diego, California, USA

High resolution

Selangor, Malaysia

High resolution

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