WorldView-2 was launched 8th October 2009 and is presently being the first high-resolution, eight-band, multispectral commercial satellite. WorldView-2 collects multispectral imagery at 1.8 meter resolution and panchromatic imagery at 0.46 meters. The combination of WorldView-2’s increased agility and high altitude enables it to typically revisit any place on earth in 1.1 days. Along with the four typical multispectral bands: Blue, Green, Red and NearIR, WorldView-2 introduces new color bands for enhanced multispectral analysis; Coastal Band, Yellow Band, Red Edge Band and Near Infrared 2 Band.

Various sample images can be seen below (©DigitalGlobe):

Bangkok, Thailand

High resolution

Masirah Island, Oman

High resolution

Port Botany, Australia

High resolution

Please contact GRAS for data enquiries and potential applications of this promising sensor.