GRAS offers consultancy within all areas of remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems. Specialised topics are:

  • Setup and maintenance of operational systems that deliver near real time information from satellite data
  • Identifying the best methods and data to solve a given problem or derive the needed information
  • Analysing the marine environment from remote sensing data 
  • Natural resource and environmental analysis using remote sensing data
  • Land cover and land use classification
  • Implementation of remote sensing methods for agricultural statistics and analysis
  • Assessment of the latest technologies and methods
  • Use of remote sensing for agricultural applications
  • General feature and information extraction from satellite imagery
GRAS handles the entire data flow from the reception and processing of satellite images to the delivery of the requested final product or information. We provide solutions where satellite data are processed to information that is ready to use.

Training courses and capacity building are essential parts of our activities. We assist the implementation of new methods through training and develop and customize these methods to match the specific needs of the client.