Feature Extraction

Digitizing features is one of the most time consuming and tiresome aspect of creating or updating GIS data, but nevertheless it is very essential to the process of acquiring valid GIS data. The digitizing process can be replaced by semiautomatic methods that significantly reduce the time spent on mapping objects. By reducing the dependency on visual interpretation the method is cost-effective, fast and consistent.

By applying state-of-the-art technology GRAS extracts features from satellite images, aerial photos LIDAR data or topographic maps.

The features that can be mapped include:

  • Vegetation and forests
  • Agricultural units
  • Building footprints
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine objects
  • Any other visible objects


A feature extraction solution is the ideal and most cost-effective way of establishing vector data on basis of raster data, such as satellite images. Semiautomatic feature extraction can be used for several applications, e.g. change detection analysis with the purpose of updating an existing geodatabase.The result of the mapping is vector files in the desired format (ESRI, MapInfo etc.), thus ready for use in GIS systems.

Please contact GRAS for further information regarding conditions and prices for feature extraction.