Marine Applications

Remote sensing is a unique tool for extracting information about oceans, lakes and other water bodies. With Earth Observation satellites it is possible to map large areas instantaneously and systematically which enables the user to monitor the development in ocean parameters such as sea surface temperature, and chlorophyll-a or sediment concentrations. Remote sensing is a very cost-effective method for ocean monitoring and information is available in near real time.

GRAS is specialised in setting up operational systems for monitoring the marine environment. Satellite images are automatically processed to the relevant products and several times a day and delivered via ftp or email to clients anywhere in the world.

In addition to operational setups GRAS has significant experience processing marine data for baseline assessment and historic analyses. This is relevant for Environmental Impact Assessments in relation to construction projects where sediment spills need to be compared to the pre-construction conditions.

Feature extraction in marine areas is also relevant for applications like oil spill monitoring, sea ice detection and ship detection. Please contact GRAS for further information.