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20 July 2020

We are excited to release 'Flood Metrics' our new online interface for our flood monitoring products.


29 April 2020

We are delighted to announce that DHI GRAS has been contracted by ESA to lead a consortium in a large new application project: “WorldWater”.


16 June 2020

We are excited to release our new product suite 'WindSight' to underpin and improve the accuracy of wind resource assessments.


22 April 2020

Our evapotranspiration technology enables detection of water stress and irrigation support, at individual field scale, anywhere in the world.


15 March 2020

Mapping the national level extent of the 2020 winter floodings in Denmark and the dynamic change over time in 5 Danish municipalities and 2 French regions.


12 February 2020

Using out operational flood mapping tool we have mapped the extent of the floodings in Shoalhaven Region, Australia, caused by this weekends heavy rain.


16 January 2020

This year’s fire season in Australia is widely regarded as one of the most severe on record, causing detrimental damage to natural landscapes, wildlife, cities and critical infrastructure across the nation.


20 December 2019

Satellite-derived data products and services provide a powerful, low cost and efficient alternative to supplement or replace traditional monitoring solutions of offshore wind farms.


18 December 2019

We are very pleased to announce that DHI GRAS has developed and released the first ever nationwide map of submerged aquatic vegetation in Denmark.


27 November 2019

This week DHI GRAS is attending the 25th MARS conference where we will present our satellite-based approach to underpin the monitoring framework of EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)


09 August 2019

Yesterday saw the release of yet another disturbing report from the United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), this time underpinning how critical human exploitation of land is a causal parameter of climate change.


02 July 2019

We are very pleased to announce that we will be supporting the Danish Agricultural Agency (DAA) - Landbrugsstyrelsen in the coming years with a “first of its kind” national monitoring system under the CAP 2020+.


28 June 2019

In continuation of our excellent collaboration on previous activities with the European Environment Agency, DHI GRAS is providing on-site consultancy services for the Copernicus Land Team at the EEA.


17 June 2019

A new system is being considered for inclusion in the EU’s Earth Observation programme, Copernicus, to estimate water-use by plants evapotranspiration and to improve crop water-use productivity.


13 June 2019

As part of our AI4Earth grant funded by Microsoft and National Geographic Society, Torsten Bondo is in Washington DC for the annual National Geographic Explorer Festival.


08 June 2019

You can get bathymetry data from satellites. Bathymetry is a key element in Hydrodynamic Modelling and Marine Spatial Planning activities.


06 June 2019

The aim of the training was to teach local key individuals from Forests of the World how to use Google Earth Engine and other tools for monitoring pine forests affected by the destructive pine bark beetle, including the methodology of a fire risk analysis.


05 June 2019

Wetlands are vital ecosystems for countless of species and are among the world’s most productive environments.


24 May 2019

Recent weather patterns in Denmark is giving us an opportunity to show you how satellites can be used to extract soil #moisture from the Sentinel-1 radar satellites.


20 May 2019

Our Urban Heat Island data can be found in the Sustainability Report 2019 from Rødovre municipality.


13 May 2019

We are working hard in our Deep Learning Lab to explore what is possible within Deep Learning and Earth Observation.

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