A seesaw between climate extremes - Mapping the Australian flooding’s from space

12 FEBRUARY 2020

Just three weeks ago, we mapped the impacts of the devastating bushfires in Australia, triggered by the driest and hottest year on record. Heavy rainfall over the weekend has been a welcome relief for millions of animals and has helped to subdue some of the fires in New South Wales, however in return, the torrential rain has caused major flooding’s in the coastal regions.

Using our automated satellite-based operational flood mapping tool, we have mapped the extent of the flooding’s in one of the worst affected areas, around the city of Nowra in the Shoalhaven region, just south of Sydney. While the flood map quantifies the severity of the flooding’s, satellite images are also ideally positioned to visualize its effects on the overall water environment, as illustrated in the video.

So while the seesaw of events in Australia is a testimony to the unsustainable trajectory of our planet, we believe we are part of the solution – by bridging critical earth observation data and relevant stakeholders, we enable decision makers to take confirmative actions to respond to the severity of climate change and act upon climate impacts.

Our satellite-based product portfolio are ideally positioned to provide rapid and cost-efficient information about the impact of climate change and climate induced extreme events.