SDGs a central part of AARSE 2018:

26 October 2018

The 12th International Conference of the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment is taking place in Egypt this year.

The theme of the conference is Earth Observations (EO) and Geospatial Science in Service of Sustainable Development Goals and will run from the 25th to the 29th of October.

At DHI GRAS, we are heavily involved in this field, which we will demonstrate during a technical session on Space and Geospatial Science for Sustainable Development Goals based on the GPSDD project and our ESA-projects (GlobWetland Africa, EO4SD and EO for SDG).

The technical session will show how EO is supporting development projects in Africa in order to help countries better measure and manage their water resources.

Through practical examples, we demonstrate how the new generation of Sentinel satellites is used for large area monitoring of surface water resources (including wetlands), and agricultural land use.

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