Classification of Eelgrass:

11 July 2018

One of our own, James Ormond Fethers, recently graduated from Aalborg University Copenhagen with a master’s degree in Geoinformatics. James worked alongside remote sensing experts in DHI GRAS for his master thesis on classification of eelgrass in Roskilde Fjord using Sentinel-2 imagery.

Eelgrass is a significant and fragile species of seagrass that is commonly found in Denmark and the Northern Hemisphere, and the coverage and depth limit can be used for evaluating the ecological condition of coastal waters.

Satellite remote sensing has the potential to improve the cost effectiveness of this analysis significantly by measuring coverage and directing field surveys to determine the depth limit.

James will be speaking at “Kortdage 2018” in Aalborg on the 14th-16th of November, where he will introduce and demonstrate his thesis in more detail. Stay tuned ..

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