Clear skies ahead:

11 April 2019

Working with satellite imagery would be much easier if there were no clouds obstructing the view from satellites that orbit the earth far above the clouds.

Luckily, there are several clever ways to solve this problem. One way is to stitch satellite images of the same area together to create a composite.

Composites can be computed for any period of time, e.g. monthly, yearly, and for any area around the world.

Italy through the clouds

We have compiled a cloud-free composite of Italy, based on thousands of individual Sentinel 2 images from 2018, which can be accessed through our SATLAS site.

Image artefacts, such as orbit path and tile seamlines, cloud and cloud shadow interferences have been removed by our processing, creating a truly analysis-ready data layer, available at full Sentinel 2 resolution.

Use it for land cover classifications or for simple visualizations.

We have also previously produced monthly Sentinel 2 composites for crop type classification in Denmark and made seasonal composites for mangrove mapping in Myanmar.


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