International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems:

16 July 2018

Did you know that:

- Mangroves reduce vulnerability to climate-related coastal hazards and ensure shoreline stabilization
- Mangroves provide habitats for many threatened species
- Mangroves are some of the most carbon-rich ecosystems
- Mangroves provide food security by sustaining fisheries and forest products for thousands of coastal communities

The stakes are high seeing as mangroves are among the most threatened ecosystems on earth with estimates indicating that up to 67% of mangroves have been lost to date.

DHI GRAS is leading the ESA funded GlobWetland Africa initiative which looks at exploiting the increasing capabilities of satellite observations to support the inventory, monitoring and assessment of mangroves. The project aims to provide African stakeholders with tools to effectively manage and conserve areas such as mangroves.

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