Presenting our satellite-based CAP monitoring solution at MARS 2019

27 NOVEMBER 2019

DHI GRAS is excited to participate in the 25th annual MARS conference this week in Prague, Czech Republic. The conference provides a platform for EU member states to discuss lessons learned and approaches to administer the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) under EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Represented by Kenneth Grogan and Lotte Nyborg, we will present a novel satellite-based approach to underpin the monitoring framework of national paying agencies under CAP2020+. Our solution provides a streamlined and highly accurate monitoring system to check if farmers report correctly on crop types and farm management practices according to the rules, procedures and eligibility requirements under the framework of EU’s CAP policy. The monitoring system has been developed, tested and operationally implemented by the Danish Agricultural Agency (DAA) and provides a streamlined solution to assess farmers applications according to CAP requirements, while at the same time reducing the amount of time spent on control visits.

In brief, our solution consists of:

1) a powerful back-end image processing chain for handling petabytes of satellite data
2) an advanced analytics toolbox for machine learning, deep learning and time series analysis
3) a sleek front-end web viewer for easy presentation of results and reporting.

Operational services are tailored to CAP monitoring needs, including crop type mapping, grassland activity monitoring, detecting harvest and tillage, and monitoring of catch crops.

We have been excited about contributing to shape the new agricultural monitoring practices in Europe and we congratulate the DAA as first movers in the EU to adopt a satellite-based solution to administer CAP monitoring. With our solution we have proved that satellite-services offer a highly accurate and cost-efficient alternative to existing in situ monitoring options and we are excited about our corporation with the DAA, to develop a robust and accurate CAP monitoring system, optimized for local conditions in order to achieve very high accuracies. We will be looking forward to meeting with national authorities and EU policy makers this week in Prague, to discuss how other countries can tap into the services offered by the monitoring system developed for the Danish authorities.

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