Preparing national paying agencies for CAP2020+:

02 July 2019

We are very pleased to announce that we will be supporting the Danish Agricultural Agency (DAA) in the coming years with a “first of its kind” national monitoring system under the CAP 2020+.

Through our past projects with the DAA, we have developed in-house data processing systems that are tailor-made for these two new project wins using satellite image analyses for agricultural monitoring, where DHI GRAS is the sole lead for the first project and will be joining forces with NEO BV Netherlands for the second one.

Our processing systems are well capable of handling the large amounts of satellite data and our experienced team is ready to deliver cutting-edge remote sensing services for a national-scale agricultural monitoring system.

DHI GRAS has since its beginning in 2000 kept at the forefront of Earth Observation (EO) technology, and continuously tested and developed new methods to enhance the uptake of EO-based services.

We are therefore excited to be part of shaping the new monitoring practices for the DAA and for other countries to tap into the experience and services developed during the projects.

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