Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2019:

01 February 2019

In celebration of World Wetlands Day on the 2nd of February 2019, and in recognition of the important role of wetlands in mitigation and adaptation to climate change, GlobWetland Africa is proud to announce the publication of several use cases on our new web viewer.

For all wetlands there is a relation to climate change. Water levels are critical to wetlands so changes in climatic conditions (e.g. the nature and variability of the wet and dry seasons, and the number and severity of extreme events) will highly influence wetland structure and functioning. But wetlands are also exposed to non-climatic anthropogenic impacts which can be amplified by climate change (e.g. drainage, water withdrawal, eutrophication, etc.).

Climatic and non-climatic drivers act synergistically causing wetland changes that can be difficult or impossible to reverse.

Better information on wetland status and trends are paramount to preserve and reverse the ongoing loss of wetlands. GlobWetland Africa can assist wetland managers and practitioners with Earth Observation data, tools and information that is needed to make informed decision for wetland conservation and restoration.

Check out the visualizations of selected use case stories here.

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