Meet our experts:

We are a dedicated and science-loving team of geographers, physicists and tech developers. Our entrepreneurial spirit, quality awareness and visionary projects has attracted employees from over 10 different countries.


Rasmus Eskerod Borgstrom

Rasmus is responsible for the strategic direction, business development and leadership of the curious and dedicated team of experts at DHI GRAS.

He is passionate about creating innovative ways of extracting information from satellite imagery and keen on identifying new applications and users of satellite imagery.

Rasmus is highly experienced in remote sensing and holds a strong network within the earth observation field, always keeping an eye out for new data sources and technologies.



Torsten Bondo

Torsten is involved in most aspects of the business generation including idea generation, networking and project applications.

He explores how services and information based on satellite images can support our client’s problems. It is a rapidly developing field where satellites are frequently launched and the technological boundaries keep being pushed. This makes it both a challenging and fun field to be in.


Lars Boye Hansen

Lars is responsible for the daily operations in DHI GRAS including project execution and quality assurance. Being part of the management team includes involvement in DHI GRAS’ strategic direction, business development and general leadership.

Lars has been with GRAS for more than 15 years working on innovative services based on satellite imagery and geospatial data globally. In recent years, focus has been on coastal and marine applications.



Radoslaw Marcin Guzinski

Rado develops new satellite-based products using latest science, machine learning and physical models and implements open-source solutions.

He holds a deep interest in environmental topics and geography which combined with his scientific and analytical background and programming skills led him to the field of earth observation. Currently, his work focuses on sustainable management of water resources, development of open-source toolboxes and capacity building.


Lotte Nyborg

Lotte has a strong background and profound knowledge about remote sensing applications on land and in marine environments. She is especially skilled in the applications of Sentinel data in Danish and Arctic environments. 

Her key competences include project management, tailoring product and services to clients needs and quality assurance.


Silvia Huber

Working in a cross-disciplinary way at the interface between science and praxis is one of Silvia’s key motivations at DHI GRAS.

As a project manager, she has a particular focus on capacity development and quality assurance.


Christian Tøttrup

Christian takes earth observation (EO) and puts it into practice by focusing on how EO can support water resources management and environmental decision-making.

He has many years of experience within the field of geography and has throughout his career been involved in developing, implementing and assisting with projects all over the globe.



Kenneth Grogan

Kenneth is a Remote Sensing expert with a broad background in environmental sciences, natural resource management, and geography, and specialized in mapping all kinds of landcover.

He enjoys using machine learning together with optical and radar satellite imagery to solve some of the most challenging tasks related to land cover and land cover change. Currently, his focus areas are developing satellite-based monitoring systems for agriculture, forests, and wetlands.

Lisbeth Tangaa Nielsen

Lisbeth is involved in projects where she provides analysis of satellite-based data.

With a background in geophysics, she enjoys combining data analysis and knowledge of natural phenomena to extract useful information from earth observations.

Razvan Bertea

Razvan is a dedicated front-end developer that enjoys bringing our data to life.

He is quick to provide feasible solutions to our world-wide problems and to generally expand our digital presence.

His interest lies in the whole scope of web development, starting from deployment architectures to APIs and rich digital products.


Mads Christensen

Mads is involved in project implementation and reporting as well as business development and stakeholder engagement.

He is passionate about building and sustaining capacity in effective use of earth observation to respond to societal challenges and sustainable development issues.

This includes exploring how satellite derived information can contribute to informed decision-making, including to underpin the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.



Mikkel Lydholm Rasmussen

Mikkel is involved in a wide range of projects by developing and applying new methods and applications of satellite-based information and solutions.

He explores how best to help clients and users leverage the untapped information stream provided by satellites, while also teaching new colleagues about the wide range of methods and algorithms developed by DHI GRAS.

Currently, his work is primarily focused on coastal applications, but he has also applied his knowledge to topics as varied as REDD+, urban mapping, and environmental mapping.


Claus Stovgaard

Claus main focus is to drive and build product business on satellite based data and insight.

In short, he tries to take inspiration from our tailored solutions and scale them to fully automated SaaS and data products, ready for mass consumption. This focus has him involved in use cases that span from arctic navigation to forest sustainability and most things in between. Claus came out of the Copenhagen software startup scene, bringing a UX centric, lean mindset to the projects he works on.


Jonas Sølvsteen

Jonas is a data engineer with expertise in earth observations who makes satellite imagery and products accessible to users.

His goals are high code quality and sleek and resource-efficient solutions, building on the powerful Python data science stack. He is passionate about helping colleagues and clients solve their tasks, solid operational deployment in the cloud, social coding, and open-source.


Pantelis Kouris

Pantelis is a computer scientist with a background in Machine Learning.

He is part of the software development team with a strong focus on delivering high-quality, efficient and robust solutions.

During his studies, he employed deep learning to detect changes in multi-spectral satellite images.

He enjoys discovering and using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to solve image recognition tasks.



Michael Munk

Michael is a remote sensing specialist with a background in bioscience driven by the vast opportunities in digital and green transformation using field, airborne and satellite-based monitoring.

His passion lies at the intersection of remote sensing technology, ecoinformatics, stakeholder relations and visual storytelling.

He is dedicated to leverage geospatial analytics and data communication in order to deliver business value while addressing challenges for planet earth.



Daniel Druce

Dan is a geographer who is passionate about our environment and sees earth observation as an opportunity to better conserve, protect and monitor it. Key to this is the transfer of knowledge whether delivering data, effective story telling or building capacity through hands-on workshops.

He enjoys diversity of projects, and has advanced knowledge in using machine learning to map surface water, wetlands, forestry, and fire related topics.


Mikkel Høegh Bojesen

Mikkel is involved with business development, networking and project management especially emphasizing Nordic and Arctic regions.

He enjoys exploring how EO can support decision making in relation to complex real world problems within a wide range of applications, including coastal mapping, topographic and land cover mapping, forest- and agricultural based bio-energy systems.

With working and living experience from Greenland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. Mikkel is our Nordic and Arctic expert

Rasmus Probst Meyer

Rasmus is a student assistant who is passionate about geoinformatics. At GRAS he is part of the Remote Sensing Analytics team, where he assists in a wide range of projects, while studying for a masters degree in geoinformatics. 

He is captivated by analyzing satellite data using GIS, python and machine learning to explore and develop sustainable solutions to complex environmental issues.

Thomas Nyegaard Signori

Thomas completes his masters in computer science and supports the software development team in developing efficient and consistent systems.

He is interested in exploring the world of satellite imagery through machine learning.

He loves deep diving into the wonderful world of Python and exploring new technologies.



Nicklas Simonsen

Nicklas works as a junior geoinformatics specialist as part of the analytics team to explore and develop new techniques within remote sensing.

He uses computer science and machine learning to best utilize the powers of remote sensing for a wide range of problems. He is passionate about using earth observation to create solutions in the hydrological field.

Mike Rosca​

Mike is involved in a wide range of GRAS projects where he provides analysis of satellite-based data and assists with process automation.

He keeps an eye out for new applications and ideas in the earth observation sector and is keen to test out how new tools and methods in the industry can best benefit our clients. He is passionate about machine learning, data science and data visualization.

Cécile Marie Margaretha Kittel​

Cécile is a Remote Sensing Specialist with a strong background in environmental engineering and hydrology. She is passionate about bringing together satellite observations and numerical modelling to solve challenges in water resource management.

She uses her scientific and analytical background to explore how new remote sensing data sources can be integrated in physical and conceptual models to improve process understanding and support the sustainability agenda.


Lucas Klafke Beck

Lucas is a software engineer with a background in industrial engineering. Before dedicating himself towards software engineering, Lucas has also worked with data analysis and machine learning in academia as well as in industry.
His current interests lie in building great software abstractions emphasizing concepts such as clean code and clean architecture as well as navigating the tradeoffs involved in any real world software projects, where resources are limited and different requirements are often pulling in opposing directions. Besides that, Lucas is specially motivated by how his skills can help GRAS in working towards solving some of the environmental issues we face globally

Andrea Sulova

Andrea is a remote sensing analyst with a background in geoinformatics, remote sensing, and land surveying. She is involved in satellite-derived bathymetry and analyses to monitor dynamics and changes in the ecosystem.

She is passionate about new state-of-the-art applications in remote sensing for supporting sustainable development.

Paul Senty

Paul works with the Remote Sensing Analytics team while studying Earth and space physics and engineering. He enjoys the diversity of challenging projects that DHI GRAS conducts.

His background in mathematics and physics provided him with the tools needed to tackle complex problems, these come in handy when applying new machine learning methods to large-scale real-world issues

Alexander Boest-Petersen

Alexander is an intern and student assistant whilst studying for a masters degree in geoinformatics. At DHI GRAS he works as part of the Remote Sensing Analytics team that explores and develops new techniques within remote sensing. He leverages GIS and remote sensing to derive data and inform others of changes in the environment.

Alexander is eager to find new ways to employ geoinformatics, python, and machine learning to study the dynamic environment of the planet.

Brigitta Roberta Rücz

Brigitta is a student assistant with a passion for web technologies involved in various projects, focused on the frontend aspect. She assists the software development team through coded solutions, while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Web Development.

With a keen interest in learning, she is attracted by what Javascript has to offer and its implementation design-wise. Through expanding her toolset and trying out different ways to bring ideas to life, she keeps herself updated in a field where the only constant is change.

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